Caught crossdressing with a lingerie bait

Darren couldn't resist trying the new lingerie for himself
TG captions, falling for the lingerie baitDarren's heart was thumping as he headed for his sister's room. Trisha was something of a fashionista and in particular when it came to her lingerie which was always classy. After years of admiring her underwear and clothes in the laundry room he final began wearing her clothes at every opportunity. This has gone on for a few months until the day before he noticed she returned from a shopping trip with a bag from her favorite lingerie boutique and he craved to know what lay hidden in the pink bag...
His sister had just left the house so he made straight for her room that was plastered with posters of fashion models. Trisha had no idea of his crossdressing activities and he intended to keep it that way. It only took him a few moments to find the bright pink bag from the lingerie shop that was leaning against her closet. When he opened the bag and looked at the contents he gasped with delight. Trisha has bought a sheer nylon panty and camisole set that was so thin it was transparent. He rubbed the delicate fabric of the panties between his fingers and held the camisole against his cheek. He could contain himself no longer, he had to know what it felt like to wear such beautiful items. He quickly removed his clothes and pulled the panties up his legs that he kept shaved, as was his whole body, for just such an occasion. The panties fit snuggle against his bottom and across his hips. He pulled on the chemise that was soft and delicate on his chest. He slipped on a pair of Trisha's pink high-heeled shoes and rushed to his sister's shower room to check himself in the mirror. The ensemble looked as good as it felt and he turned this way and that as he admired himself in the mirror.
He nearly jumped out of his skin as Trisha's voice cut through the room.
'You little pervert, I've caught you in the act this time!' she stormed. 'I noticed that you had been playing around in my room and I just needed the evidence. Now I know why you have been growing your hair so long. You want to be a girly!'
'Oh I'm so sorry Trish,' Darren panted, 'please don't tell Mom.'
'Too late for that, sissy-boy,' she retorted. 'I left that lingerie out as bait because I knew a tranny like you wouldn't be able to resist and then I came back in through the back door. I've been watching you prance around like that for quite a few minutes.'
'Please Trish, I'll do anything,' the desperate boy said and regretted it as soon as he saw the cunning look in his sister's eye.
'Anything?' she asked raising an eyebrow.
'Anything,' he said and swallowed hard.
'In that case come back her to the bedroom I want some more shots,' Trisha said.
'But what for? You aren't going to show them to Mom are you? We have a deal don't we if I do what you say,' Darren pleaded.
'Yes, we have a deal,' came the response. 'If you do as I say. Now up on the bed. If you want to be a sexy lingerie model then you have to pose like one.'
Trisha then pulled out her digital camera and began photographing Darren in a variety of positions. Darren felt sixk with embarrassment as for the next half an hour his sister put him through a series of ever more provocative poses.
TG captions, posing in lingerieAt last she was satisfied that she had enough pictures and let him go.
He quickly pulled off the panties and top and got dressed. As he headed for his own room Trisha was downloading the pictures to her computer.
'You aren't going to show those to anyone, are you?' he asked.
'Only a few close friends,' Trisha said in a matter-of-fact way.
'But you promised!' bleated Darren.
'I promised not to show them to Mom, but the girls are going to love these...'

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Apr 5, 2009 Caught crossdressing with a lingerie bait. Darren couldn't resist trying the new lingerie for himself. TG captions, falling for the lingerie

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